Professional, skilful design

Status Contract is a historical company specialised in turnkey projects and bespoke furniture, created by the Arosio Family with the aim of providing complete solutions in the difficult world of the contract sector.

Cenere GB in Bassano del Grappa

Essential lines, pure elegance, materials and geometries that design the environments, with discretion, without detracting from the beauty of the products on display.

This is Cenere GB today, the historic boutique in Bassano del Grappa that has recently been reborn thanks to an extraordinary restyling operation, the result of the collaboration between Status Contract and Cardinali & Gazzabin Architects of Arezzo.

The boutique is designed on two floors, dedicated to women’s fashion, and is conceived to host a particular clientele, attentive to luxury products, but wishing to be welcomed in a discreet, elegant and at the same time impeccable way.


The design and realisation of the rooms, by the two architects, is precise and very personal, built in every single detail, studied with meticulousness, in the search for an essential style, but embellished by the use of elegant materials, such as wood, steel and velvet, all illuminated and emphasised by warm and enveloping lights.

The design of the Cardinali & Gazzabin studio has found, in Status Contract, an extremely precious ally, above all in the craftsmanship of a refined and painstaking workmanship, which has allowed a daring and perfect combination of such different and multifaceted materials as polycarbonate and wood.

When Francesco Cardinali and Francesco Gazzabin talk about their “architectures” they always emphasise that they have “a story to tell”: in this case it is the story of a place that is part of the collective imagination of Bassano del Grappa, the boutique that the Cenere family has run for generations.

And in this case too, the two architects, linked by the same profound vision of the world, have succeeded in creating a place that is “the story of a material touched, moulded, adapted to our needs, the story of the final touch that has made one of our creations unique”.