Professional, skilful design

Status Contract is a historical company specialised in turnkey projects and bespoke furniture, created by the Arosio Family with the aim of providing complete solutions in the difficult world of the contract sector.

The success of Status Contract? The answer is: competence

Status Contract has made competence the beating heart of all its activities; in fact, everything is thought and organized in order to follow every single phase of every project in the best way and to guarantee the precision and the quality necessary for the work to be always perfect.

How are Status Contract‘s projects developed?

Status Contract, thanks to its skills in the different working sectors, such as carpentry, upholstery and technical design, is able to follow even the most complex building sites.

In wood processing in particular, this leading company has many years of experience. Wood processing and highly specialised technological processes make it possible to satisfy even the most complex requirements, such as lacquering with steel powders that make the product lighter and more flexible.

Status Contract is also committed to constant research and testing of materials. The continuous improvement of the production and installation processes allows a precise alignment with the new needs of the experts in the field.

What does it mean to rely on Status Contract?

Relying on Status Contract also means having at your disposal highly qualified technicians who follow the project from the very first moment and in all its subsequent phases until the complete realisation.

Competence is a multifaceted concept and Status Contract reflects all this complexity.