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The 5 must-have items of a Presidential Suite

Contributing to the creation of elegance and comfort, offering our expertise, our design and construction skills: this is what we always aspire to.  When Biagio Forino’s Architecture Studio called us to collaborate on the restyling of the Hilton Molino Stucky suites, we felt honoured: the architect Forino has always been a reference point for us at Status Contract, for his elegant style, contemporary and classic at the same time, capable of interpreting a very Milanese elegance (even though Biagio Forino is from Naples).

In its imposing architectural presence, the Hilton Molino Stucky towers with serene elegance from the island of Giudecca over the entire Venice lagoon. It is a solid and elegant presence, welcoming tourists from all over the world every year, some of whom are, to say the least, excellent. Just think that the Presidential Suite, after hosting the American First Lady Michelle Obama, has been affectionately renamed the First Lady Suite!

Together with Biagio Forino, we worked on the restyling of all the suites and, last but not least, of the beautiful Presidential Suite, which with its 300 metres of surface is the largest in Venice. It was a real challenge, not only in terms of design but also in organisational terms, since we worked with the hotel open, respecting guests and schedules and in close collaboration with the entire Hilton team.

For the interior of the Presidential Suite, architect Forino has recreated the atmosphere of the Venetian lagoon, enhanced by the beauty of the view from the Suite’s windows.

The materials have been chosen and selected with respect for the Venetian manufacturing tradition, but also in a continuous dialogue between modernity and tradition: here are the five must-haves of a true Presidential Suite (or First Lady Suite!).

  1. Fabrics. The fabrics chosen by the architect are made by Rubelli, a Venetian company that has been producing and selling precious fabrics for high-end furnishings since 1858. Its brocades, velvets and silks are famous.
  2. Carbon. The contemporary touch is given by an innovative and light material such as carbon. A versatile but difficult material to work with, which required an engineering and design study also at the production level, with a special finish to guarantee maximum durability.
  3. Natural wood.  The floors in such a sumptuous setting could only be in natural wood, a material that is also used in the wall-bookcase where the wood mouldings have been enhanced by a silver-platinum finish, handmade by the Status Contract team.
  4. Wallpaper.  It has been realized following the design of the architect Forino and it represents the Venetian lagoon in the period of its maximum splendour. The Status Contract team has worked and applied it with skill, thanks to the experience and professionalism of our craftsmen. It has been laid with a natural water-based rice glue, respecting the healthiness of the environment.

Metals. The metal is in continuous dialogue with the furnishing materials, in a relationship that crosses tradition, as in the millerighe brass handrail leading to the swimming pool or in the ribbed wood decorated in white gold leaf, and it introduces modernity to the beautiful small tables in burnished metal, with marble and metal tops in white gold leaf or in the highly sought-after blue agate stone (a semi-precious stone).